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Click-Industries Amazon Collaboration


Program Details:

Featuring over 40 years of business experience and over 12 years of Amazon experience, Click-Industries is an established, detail-oriented operator. Click-Industries is offering the opportunity to meet with brand owners who are seeking to collaborate with a larger team to take their products to the next level. 


With our in-house marketing team, strong supplier network, and end-to-end Amazon expertise, partnering with Click allows brands to explore various levels of collaboration with the goal of growing product lines, revenues and profits. Having grown several brands in numerous categories, the Click team has a clear roadmap to slash costs, increase advertising efficiency and finance growth.

Creating a strong brand that meets customer demand is already an incredible accomplishment. Collaborating with Click enables these visionary entrepreneurs to reap the benefits of their brand without selling outright, while simultaneously increasing the strength of one's marketing, operations and finances.  

  • Sit down with members of the team to discuss how Click-Industries can help your brand.

  • Receive a comprehensive pitch covering how Click approaches marketing, operations and financing.

  • See anonymized examples of our work on brands like yours.

  • Discuss expectations and partnerships structures that keep brand owner’s involved, informed, and at the helm.

  • What does "Click-Industries" mean?​​"
    Click-Industries means never taking our hands off the pulse of trending brands and topics. Click-Industries is a leading online brand that represents leadership and e-commerce.
  • Do you offer customer support for consumers?
    Yes. Every one of our brands has a dedicated customer service team. Please visit our brand pages for details.
  • I’d like to feature a Click-Industrie brand in my publication. Who should I contact?
    Please visit our "Get in Contact" page for domestic and international media contact information.
  • I am interested in working at Click-Industries. How do I apply?
    Please visit our "Join Our Team" page for more information.
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